Secure data storage for business

Store and securely share data with colleagues or partners. Use a convenient document management system, versions, and built-in backup copies.

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Manage your organization’s daily data needs on a single platform

Securely store data with 5-year spare copies included. Log of all access actions. Comment, tag, and edit documents, use the Document Management Registry, forward, share, and publish data sets. Get data and automate processes.

Store data securely
Store data in one place and access it from any device, any time! Don’t worry - your data is safe with us and protected by EU standards.
Work with your team
Share and collaborate with your team and partners. Sync apps helps you securely share files between remote people and devices.
Prevent data loss
Use Backup to back up and protect your data against damage and loss.
Sell your content
For creators and publishers: sell photos, videos, music, e-books, online courses or any other digital content.
Save money
Reduce IT maintenance costs with cloud. Use provided software and auto-sync tools.
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Get prompt and careful support from our team within 2 business hours.
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The security and privacy of your data is a priority

Trusted by more than 2 million users worldwide. 15 years of cloud storage and SaaS development experience for B2B and Pro customers. Contact us for integration options.

Handle your documents securely with anyone, inside and outside your organization
Multi data security measures in place - encryption, access control and restore deleted files for 5 years.
Access your work safely from anywhere on any device via 2FA or use IP access lists.

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